ViewPoint, the 10 Key Features
  • Internet Based Software
  • Contact Management System
  • Appointments Calendar
  • Assignments and Task Workflow System
  • Document Management System
  • Outgoing Email Campaigns and Incoming Email Mailbox
  • Full Web Content Management
  • Role Base Security
  • Custom Templates Designer
  • Synchronise Your Website and Web Advertising Portals
Internet software for Estate Agents and Staff Recruitment Agents

Contact Management System

ViewPoint is centered around a highly comprehensive Contact database.
Advanced features include:
  • Scheduled 'Next contact' reminders by email,
  • full ccorrespondence history,
  • Categorized preferences,
  • automatic matching of Contacts to 'Properties' or 'Job Vacancies'.
  • Contacts can be organized into user defined Categories.
  • Pre-saved 'searches' enable targeted email campaigns.
  • Contacts can also manage their own preferences by accessing the ViewPoint Contact Portal.

Assignments and Task Workflow

Core to ViewPoint is a simple to use, but powerful and fully comprehensive 'Workflow Management System'.
Careful planning and task management are the key to successfully managing, selling or letting 'Properties', or placing a Candidate into a Job Vacancy.
  • ViewPoint Assignments simply represent groups of Tasks.
  • Common Assignments, such as 'Selling a Property', 'placing a Candidate into a Job', or 'following up an enquiry' are all effectively and simply managed with ViewPoint Assignments'
  • Assignment Templates can be created for many common procedures.
  • Assignments ensure your business operates more efficiently and provides accountability for tasks.
  • Task reminders can be sent by email automatically.
  • Tasks can be assigned to User's and Contact's in your database.
  • Tasks can be related to 'Properties', 'Job Vacancies', 'Documents' and many other records.

Outgoing Email Marketing Engine

ViewPoint features a very powerful, yet simple to use Email Campaign engine, known as ezMail.
  • Emails are sent to one or more selected Contact's in your Contact's database.
  • Contact's can also be selected automatically from a 'pre-saved Contact Search' or matched to a 'Property' or 'Job Vacancy'.
  • ezMail campaigns can be scheduled to run automatically on a regular basis. Ideal for sending Newsletters and other regular mailings.
  • Include 'Property' or 'Job Vacancy' information with the email.
  • Create elaborate and feature rich email templates. Include Sender and Recipient information.
  • Email Templates can also include 'Scripting' to provide dynamic adaptable emails.
  • Email Templates can include full colour graphics for eye catching campaigns.

Incoming Email Mailbox

A new and important 'unique selling point' is our 'Incoming Email Mailbox'.
Any email can be 'forwarded' to the ViewPoint Mailbox. It will be automatically added your Mailbox and made available to all users of the system.
Email correspondence is becoming more and more important and can represent contractually binding instructions and buying preferences etc. Once in ViewPoint, emails can be shared and related to Contact records, Job Vacancies Property records and more.

Appointments Calendar

ViewPoint Calendar offers all the features you would expect from a Calendar System. Some features include:
  • Appointments can be synchronized with your User's and Contacts personal Appointment systems, such as Microsoft Outlook and Mobile Phones etc.
  • Automated Appointment reminders can also be sent by email.
  • The Calendar shows at a glance the daily availability of all selected User's in your office.
  • Appointments can be related to records in your system, such as Properties, Job Vacancies, Tasks, Documents etc.

Document Management System

In many offices, Documents can find themselves fragmented across multiple desktop computers, lost on a 'shared drive' somewhere, or multiple copies appear and become 'out-of-date'.
ViewPoint Documents provide a central and safe place to store electronic files such as CV's, HIP's reports, Spreadsheets etc.
  • All types of electronic files can be 'uploaded' to ViewPoint.
  • Documents are centrally available to all Users, anywhere.
  • Document records can have Notes attached to describe the contents, or perhaps revision level etc.
  • Documents can be related to other records, such as Properties, Job Vacancies, Tasks etc. This adds value to the meaning of your information and also ensures contracturally important documents are safe from loss.

Report Templates Designer

ViewPoint features an on-line Templates Designer. This provides a way to create feature rich web pages for your 'Job Vacancies' and 'Property' records.
  • Custom Email Templates can include graphics, scripts, and related information about the Sender, Recipient and attached data such as 'Job Vacancies' and 'Property' records.
  • Templates can include Logos, links to other websites and server side scripting for the truly dynamic Template.
  • Templates can also include 'Custom Input Values'. These are great way to add value to an Email or Postal campaign by adding ad-hoc information.
  • 'Custom Input Values' can be used to build dynamic mailshots from a range of standard paragraphs etc.
    Their effective uses make sending campaigns faster and easier.


Organizing and reporting on data in a consistent manner is critical to getting the best from any system.
  • ViewPoint uses Categories in a simple but effective way. Category Groups can be defined for virtually all types of records, such as Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, Assignments, Properties, Job Vacancies etc.
    Each Category Group can contain many Categories.
  • Data can be found by simply selecting the appropriate Category, or combination of Categories.
  • Categories also show at a glance how many records are assigned to a particular Category. This saves time and makes the system easier and faster to use.
  • Special Contact Category Groups known as Matching Groups provide a really simply way of matching Contacts to 'Properties' or 'Job Vacancies'.

Branches and User Accounts

User Accounts are organized into Branch or Office Accounts.
  • Each Branch can contain multiple User Accounts.
  • A User Account can be related to other User Accounts. This is great way of creating Departments, or 'catch-all' accounts.
  • A User Account can also feature a photo and digitized signature. This provides a great way of personalizing letters and emails.
  • As mentioned in the 'Roles and Security' section below, User Accounts can be limited to minimum levels of access.

Role Based Security

Security of your data and who can access the information is a fundamental part of any system.
ViewPoint features a comprehensive, yet simple to configure 'security model'.
  • Each ViewPoint User Account is assigned to a 'Security Role'.
  • Each Security Role defines what operation a User Account can perform.
  • Role operations are Viewing, Adding, Deleting, Editing and Configuration.
    e.g. A Role could be defined to limit a User Account from Adding or Deleting 'Property' records.
  • User Accounts can be limited to accessing the system during a range of hours only.
  • User Accounts can be limited to accessing the system from a specific location only.

Administration Console

Virtually all aspects of ViewPoint can be configured from the Administration pages.
  • Set default Email account settings, such as the From, Reply-To, Copy-To and Blind-Copy-To options.
  • Upload Logos for use in Templates, Webpages and Emails.
  • Setup a rich range of custom Lookup values for each record type, such as Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, Properties, Job Vacancies etc.
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